Feedback Rider

Feedback Rider is an arcade-style video installation built by Starling (j, Ross Oldenburg, and Will Mitchell). It simplifies the UI of a much-beloved feedback effect often used by video artists. We expanded on our past video experiments by adding a rotating camera mount, animated lighting, and a reflective snout around the screen.

Built in a 6 day sprint, the Feedback Rider came together just in time for a public debut on August 26, 2022 at the Cactus Club Independent Film Fest, whose organizers instigated the installation and provided found footage for it to process.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who gave it a whirl.

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A primordial version built in 2014 for Mikal Floyd-Pruitt's Play Time series

A proof of concept including switcher, camera remote, and rotating camera mount

Watching glue dry in the woodshop

Milling the control panel... one chance... don't eff it up

Testing the fit of the control panel, still freaking out

Backlighting the instruction plaque and feeling fancy

Paint it black

Sigh of relief as the controller comes together

Controller guts

Wrangling mylar

We have a snout

Ready for the people, just needs a mylar skirt