UI Overview

The heart of the SCANNER module is a mapping of the morph, morph, and morph inputs to set of surfaces full of potential output signals. This adds complexity to signals while preserving their base frequencies.

The X and Y CV attenuators scale the scan region, with wavefolding applied whenever the signal travels beyond the map boundary.  Manual controls offset the scan position, accentuating different overtones in an audio rate scan or shape-shifting a modulation signal generated from a low-frequency scan. The Z dimension deforms the world being scanned.

 The up/down/left/right arrows and MAP button determine the topology, with right/left selecting the character of the X dimension and up/down selecting the character of the Y dimension. MAP sets the fundamental operation used to combine X and Y. Together, these controls grant access to a world of output signals.

The JUMP input teleports to the origin point of the map or immediately reverses direction of travel, creating a sudden shift in the scan location. The result can be likened to a subtler version of hopping through waveforms on an oscillator.

Four surfaces are scanned simultaneously to generate the outputs.

The analog output is a crossfade between the A and B inputs with a contour generated by the most nuanced of the surfaces. Patching a signal into the scan input as well as one of the crossfader inputs adds another layer of waveshaping possibilities. The S+H input provides direct control of the input sample and holds .

morph is a constant, simpler surface. The resultant scan signal preserves the shape of the accentuates the wavefolding effect of reaching the edges of the pyramids.

morph and morph are "one bit" surfaces. These can be visualized as a field of blocks, all with the same height.  morph has a denser layout of blocks.  An audio-rate scan creates noisy, but not enharmonic results, and a gate sequence arises from a low-frequency scan signal.

The control button activates a preset menu that can store up to 6 terrains, recallable at a touch.