clock-synced signal source


The beauty of simple arithmetic

SYNC generates a sculptable wavetable oscillator that locks to the frequency and phase of an external clock, with extensive clock multiplication and division ("ratio") control.

It is a capable audio or modulation source; the operating frequency range is determined with your choice of clock input. Audio clocks elicit harmonics, subharmonics, or just-intoned intervals, while subaudible clocks create a powerful tempo-synced LFO.

The main output is built into a crossfader, allowing you to control the scale and bias without any external utilities or mix and impart amplitude modulation on external sources.

Optional sample and hold functionality at the crossfader inputs allows you to smoothly fade back and forth between sampled voltages, giving way to waveshaping or LFOs with dynamically changing levels.

There are plenty of options for modulation with conventional CV signals, but using an audio oscillator as both a clock and a modulation source can create uncannily pure tone shaping effects.

Banks of ratios and waveshapes are curated into functional groups to make it easier to find the right option for your patch.

Auxilary outputs facilitate self-patching, gate-sequencing, and generative composition.

Key specs

  • Width: 12hp with expander, 8hp without
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw +12V/-12V: 110mA/50mA

UI Overview

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