frequency synthesizer



All about the ratios

SYNC3 is a trio of oscillators that track the frequency and lock to the phase of a master input clock. Each has an independently selectable waveshape and clock multiplication/division factor, or "ratio".

With an audio clock, the ratios sound like harmonic intervals. With a subaudible clock, they are rhythmic relationships between LFO speeds. This allows you to construct just-intoned chords and arpeggios or intricate tempo-synced LFOs.

The three oscillators share a bank of available ratios. You can choose from 8 available banks, each curated to create a musical space. Once you have your patch set up, its easy to page through the options and find the best fit.

One of the oscillators has an independent fixed-level output while the other two are mixed, allowing for complex waveform generation using audio-rate amplitude modulation, phase modulation, and sample and hold functionality. 

An auxiliary output transmits a subharmonic square of the input clock, which comes in handy for self patching or mixing with the other oscillators.

By scanning the ratio selections with CV, you can animate the module to create tones and rhythms. An output transmits a trigger whenever one of the ratios changes to aid this patching approach.

Key specs

  • Width: 12hp with expander, 8hp without
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw +12V/-12V: 110mA/50mA

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