rhythm engine


Your rhythm section's new friend

GATESEQ works in tandem with your other sequencers, clocks, and gate sources to create rhythm in your patches.

Two euclidean sequencers are woven into a set of utilities for creating stepped CV and processing other logic sources or audio.

A modulation parameter on one of the sequencers makes it easy to generate mixed meters or shuffled/swung patterns, freeing up your other clock processors.

A built in logic processor creates a hybrid output from the two sequencers, adding a third channel of gate outputs that plays counterpoint to the main sequencers.

The pattern select controls feature a predicatable response; easily mute a pattern by turning the knob fully counterclockwise and add gates to the pattern with a clockwise turn.

CV inputs bring the generated patterns to life. Feed them noise for quick generative sequencing based on probability.

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