flexible contour generator


Add some extra life to your patch

META crossfades between two inputs with a general purpose contour generator. It is a flexible tool for creating signals or routing and shaping other sources.

You can use it to blend and fade between two signals, or set the scale and bias of the crossfade controller without any external utilities.

The external inputs can be sampled and held synchronously with the crossfade contour, allowing you smoothly fade back and forth between sampled levels.

A programmable trigger input allows you to experiment with the interaction between your rhythm generators and the motion of the crossfader.

A set of auxilary outputs broadcast information about the state of the crossfader, creating opportunities to drive other modulation and logic inputs in concert with the motion being created by the module.

Despite the swiss army knife nature of the contour generator, the control schemes in each mode mimic familiar synthesis tools to maximize playability.

Key specs

  • Width: 12hp with expander, 8hp without
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw +12V/-12V: 110mA/50mA

UI Overview

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